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Musician . Writer . Recording Engineer.




Cat Evers first started writing music as a young girl growing up in Malibu, California. Her unconventional childhood culminated in a devoted relationship to music through lyrics and melodies as a form of therapeutic expression. Piecing together bits of alt-R&B, Pop, and Soul, she forms a cross-genre experience driven by story, using her voice as an evocative vessel of reflection. Having studied Vocal Performance and Literary Studies at The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music, she has also played her original music at local New York venues such as Nublu and The Sultan Room.  


When she’s not writing music, she is in the control room working as the recording engineer on other artist’s projects. She finds inspiration in the alchemy of musical narratives, whether it be her own, or the voices of others. Currently based in Brooklyn, New York, Cat is also finalizing the release of her first EP, marking her transition into the space of musical expression that she’s sought refuge in since she was young.


No upcoming events at the moment

Updated Show Schedule

coming soon

Sultan Room 03/2023

Nublu 11/2022

The Bitter End 7/2021

Woman in Black
00:00 / 04:51
If Love Were a Color
00:00 / 05:21
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